Greek Pastries

Almond Crescents
     A crescent shaped, almond flavored cookie with a glaze and toasted almonds on top. walnuts.

Baklava (ba-kla-va)
     Walnuts, butter, and spices baked in layers of phyllo, topped with syrup.

Fenikia (fee-nee-kya)
     Oval shaped cookie dipped in honey and topped with walnuts.

Flogeres (flo-yeh-res)
     Walnuts, butter and spices baked in layers of phyllo topped with chocolate and syrup.

Kataifi (ka-ta-ifi)
     Shredded phyllo with nuts inside, topped with syrup.

Kok (coke)
    A delicious sponge cake covered in a chocolate ganache and filled with either chocolate, fruit, or cream fillings.

Koulouria (kou-lou-ri-ya)
     Twisted butter cookie.

Kourambiethes (kou-ram-beye-thes)
     Butter cookie sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Nut Rolls
     Buttery pastry dough filled with pecans and topped with a glaze (May be served warm or cold).

Pasta Flora
     A shortbread bar cookie with an apricot preserve topping and lattice work on top.

Pecan Blossoms
     A phyllo cup filled with pecans and drizzled with citrus-honey syrup.

Tsoureki (tsu-re-key) Bread
    Lightly sweetened braided bread ~ great toasted.

Variety Box
    Contains one each of the following: almond crescent, baklava, feniki, flogeres, kataifi, kourambiethe and 2 koulouria.


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